ACS Hands-on Forensic Chromatography VI class

One of my favorite things to do is to spread the word of good, legitimate and validated science to lawyers and in particular the defense bar. There is a phrase that many people use to describe the criminal defense lawyers. They call them liberty’s last champion (and in fact it is NACDL’s logo). And it is true. The National College for DUI Defense, Inc. motto also reflects this in its motto “Justice Through Knowledge.”

To that end of justice, I am proud to announce that there are newly minted lawyer-scientists who took the ACS/ Axion Analytical Laboratory Hands-on Forensic Chromatography VI class that was held in Chicago, IL.

ACS Forensic Chromatography VI
ACS Forensic Chromatography VI

Recent Graduates

Name State
Patrick Maher MD
Hunter Biederman TX
Wayne R. Foote ME
John Hunsucker OK
Michael J Snure FL
Clark Adams (2nd time through) GA
Andrew Bucher OH
N. Cole Williams NC
Jay M. Tiftickjian CO
Bruce Edge (2nd time through) OK
Paul Liam McGlone VA
Kevin Leckerman PA
Jesse Hernandez TX
Jon W Woolsey CA
Bryan E DePowell PA
Joseph Citron GA
John J Eastland TX
Jonathon Rands WA
Shawn Dorward PA
Billy McNabb TX
Jared Bartell CA

All Graduates

Alaska Slone Fred
Arizona St. Louis Joe
California Barba Manny
California Brehmer Jeremy
California Bartell Jared
California Ganci Eric
California Gorelick Lynn
California Laundry Virginia
California Middlebrook Richard
California Moore Ron
California Sturm Craig
California Tiemann Roland
California Wasson James
California Wapner Terry
California Woolsey Jon
Colorado Bussey Tim
Colorado Cessna Christopher
Colorado Herringer William
Colorado Savela Jason
Colorado Tiftickjian Jay
Colorado Orr Rhidian
Florida Kessler Mike
Florida McIntosh Brett
Florida Snure Michael
Georgia Adams- 2 times Clark
Georgia Babson Rocky
Georgia Caron Brian
Georgia Citron Joseph
Georgia Frye Kim
Georgia Parman Ann
Georgia Stein George
Illinois Ramsell Donald
Illinois Toney Sarah
Kansas Hulnick Les
Louisiana Delatte- 2 times Glynn
Louisiana Bates, Jr. James
Maine Foote Wayne
Maryland Alpert Andrew
Maryland Bruckheim Michael
Maryland Maher Patrick
Maryland Stamm Lenny
Massachusetts Oberhauser Gregory
Michigan Boyle Michael
Minnesota Ramsay Charles
Missouri Eastman Jeffrey
Missouri Hollingshead Jeremy
Missouri Ward Carl
Nebraska Dowding Steve
Nebraska Island Bell
Nevada Hayes Dale
New Hampshire Russman Ryan
New Hampshire Tenn John
New Jersey Hernandez Steven
New Jersey Levow Evan
New Mexico Frechette Roderick
North Carolina Williams N. Cole
Ohio Bucher Andrew
Oklahoma Edge- 2 times Bruce
Oklahoma Fabian Stephen
Oklahoma Hosty Tom
Oklahoma Hunsucker John
Oklahoma Lee- 6 times Josh D.
Oklahoma Patterson Clint
Oklahoma Sifers Jeff
Oregon Carini, Jr. Peter
Pennsylvania Barrouk Tim
Pennsylvania DePowell Bryan
Pennsylvania Dorward Shawn
Pennsylvania Leckerman Kevin
Pennsylvania Manchester Brian
Pennsylvania McShane- 7 times Justin
Pennsylvania Sherman Mike
Tennessee Garza- 2 times Marcos
Tennessee May Roger
Tennessee McKinney Rob
Tennessee Ryan Edward
Texas Balagia Jaime
Texas Beiderman Hunter
Texas Boatwright Nicky
Texas Butler Jim
Texas Case Kelly
Texas Coffey Mimi
Texas de la Paz Brent
Texas del Cueto Andrew
Texas DeLuca Matt
Texas Eastland John
Texas Flood Tyler
Texas Grant Deandra
Texas Hamilton Stephen
Texas Hernandez Jesse
Texas Hunter David
Texas McKinney Troy
Texas McNabb Billy
Texas Murphy Doug
Texas Ray Bennie
Texas Segura Anthony
Texas Stauffer Phil
Texas Trichter- 2 times Gary
Texas Wilder Douglas
Utah Schatz Jason
Virginia Keefer Bob
Virginia McGlone Paul
Virginia Solak- 2 times Michael
Washington Callahan Linda
Washington DeBray Ted
Washington Rands Jonathon
West Virginia Wagner Harley
Wisconsin Stuckert Lauren

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