AlcoPro doesn’t want breath test devices in the hands of a skeptical attorneys

AlcoPro, Inc. is a distributor of portable breath test devices commonly referred to as PBTs. Law enforcement officers in many states use these devices on the side of the road to help determine if someone is possibly under the influence of alcohol. One of the more popular PBTs that they sell is the Alco-Sensor FST manufactured by Intoximeters, Inc. The technology inside is an electrochemical fuel cell that is used to give a reading of the presence and level of alcohol in the breath sample. For a video of how this works click here.

Bruce Edge is a DUI attorney from Tulsa Oklahoma. On April 28, 2014 Bruce placed an order for an FST from AlcoPro, Inc. He paid $599.45 for the device.

AlcoPro Order Confirmation
AlcoPro – FST Order Confirmation

Being an alleged scientific instrument, there should be no problem with selling one of these devices to Attorney Edge, should there?

If the thing works as good as advertised then any use or testing by Attorney Edge would only confirm that the FST works as advertised. But that’s not the case. AlcoPro soon after learning of who Attorney Edge is cancelled Attorney Edge’s order and refused to sell him the device. Here is their email:

AlcoPro - FST Order Cancelled
AlcoPro – FST Order Cancelled

Jack Singleton from AlcoPro, Inc. says “we decline to sell our devices to customers who explicitly state that our devices are unreliable.” Apparently AlcoPro is so concerned with the limitations of their device that they research who is buying the device. That doesn’t seem like something that should be necessary if the device works as well as it is advertised.

How is it advertised? Well the manufacturer claims that it is “specific for alcohol” and will not respond to other substances found in human breath.

Intoximeters PBT

If its that great then why don’t they trust Attorney Edge with it?

Maybe this is why….

These devices are too easily susceptible to false positives.

Attorney Justin McShane demonstrates in this video how he was able to get a reading of 0.046 just by eating white bread.

I have used the Intoximeters AlcoSensor III and demonstrated true false positives from the following:

PBT False Positive White Bread
Great Value white bread reading as an alcohol level of .059
PBT False Positive Sprite Zero
Sprite Zero reading as an alcohol level of .007
PBT False Positive Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce reading as an alcohol level of .024

I think we know why AlcoPro, Inc. didn’t want Attorney Edge to have one of their “scientific” instruments in his possession and it makes sense why Mr. Singleton doesn’t want to sell to someone who doesn’t think their device is reliable. After all this is forensic science – the only science in the world where “trust me” is considered acceptable.

Maybe Intoximeters, Inc. will read this blog and call up Attorney Edge and offer to sell him the FST. We are happy to report it if they do.

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