Crime Scenes are Never Contaminated, Right?

I recently had a prosecutor in an arson case state out loud in court, “Your Honor, crime scenes are never ever contaminated by investigators. Not accidentally, and certainly not on purpose.” Where do you start with that sort of statement?

Perhaps you start with Fred Zane, Joyce Gilchrist, and others.

But most recently is this case study….

CSI Chief David Kofoed Guilty on Evidence Tampering Charge

A judge has convicted Douglas County’s chief crime-scene investigator on an evidence tampering charge.

Kofoed’s sentencing date is set for May 10th. He is facing a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.

Cass County District Judge Randall Rehmeier announced his verdict Tuesday morning in the case of David Kofoed.

Kofoed stood trial last week in Cass County where he investigated a double murder in 2006. Kofoed said he found a speck of a victim’s blood in a car linked to two suspects. Prosecutors argue he planted or manufactured the evidence to bolster a case against the two men, who were later cleared of murder charges.

Kofoed’s attorney argued accidental cross-contamination, not sinister motives, explains how his client’s test came up positive while searching the car for blood evidence.

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