Forensic Science Blogs that I watch

If you don’t have Google Reader with subscriptions set up, then I think you are either drowning in information or don’t have an effective and efficient way of managing your time to make sure that you don’t miss out on information. I personally monitor over 200 blogs each and every day in real time using Google Reader and the funny secret is that it doesn’t take that much time at all.

Google Reader is my best friend
Google Reader is my best friend

If you aren’t on Google Reader or something similar, here is a good and simple step-by-step direction of why to do it and how to set it up: What Is RSS? A Step-by-Step Guide to Google Reader

So now the question is: What does a discriminating enthusiast of forensic science monitor?

Here are my top picks (in no particular order in fact they are in alphabetical order):

You are probably thinking to yourself “Boy Justin, it takes a lot of time to go to each of these and subscribe.” No it doesn’t I am going to do you a favor and simply allow you to glam off my list. Here is an importable OPML file with them all. Enjoy. Google Reader: How to Import OPML Files

And here is the OPML (xml) file to import them all.

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