Honorificabilitudinitatibus or a Faux Scientist

Honorificabilitudinitatibus literally means “loaded with honors”.  Its modern etymology and usage comes from William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost by Costard in Act V, Scene I.

Honorificabilitudinitatibus or faux scientist
Honorificabilitudinitatibus or faux scientist

In forensic science as practiced in the United States, there are few legitimate Honorificabilitudinitatibus and many faux scientists.

faux scientists abound in forensic science
faux scientists abound in forensic science

One of the scams that will help you tell between the few legitimate Honorificabilitudinitatibus and many faux scientists is in person’s credentials (The Importance of Proper Credentials in Forensic Science and Pseudoscientists and snake oil salesmen in modern forensic science).

But today’s post I want to focus on “seminars”.

A lot of wasted ink is devoted in a faux scientist’s resume to “seminars”.  Almost all of these “seminars” do not have a function to test understanding, retention or proficiency in the concepts presented.  Most are, at best, attendance based.  Some folks honestly read the newspaper during the seminar.  Still others FaceBook as the lecturers present.  Some even sleep.  Some have their agency pay for it and don’t even show up at all.

For any scientist, a resume full of “seminars” that are attendance-based and has a lack of proficiency-based training with tests is a red flag to me.  It should be to you too.

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