Ray Krone talks about the nightmare of innocence at the 2012 ACS Fall meeting (Forensic Science, Chemistry and the Law)

On August 20, 2012, the American Chemical Society at its biannual meeting held a special Presidential Seminar called “Innocence! The  Work of the Innocence Project.” It was funded by The McShane Firm, LLC and presented through the Chemistry and the Law Division and the Forensic Science, Chemistry and the Law subdivision.

At the presentation, were three exonerees.

Here is in part what Ray Krone had to share about his nightmare of being innocent.


Ray Krone Speaks at Innocence! Forensic Science, Chemistry, and The Law – ACS 2012 from The McShane Firm on Vimeo.

Ray Krone speaks at the 244th ACS National Meeting on August 20th, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA as part of “Innocence! Forensic Science, Chemistry and The Law” as presented by The McShane Firm https://www.themcshanefirm.com/

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