The choices we all face in forensic science

David had a choice, you do too
David had a choice, you do too

One of the most universally recognized sculptures in the world is “David” shown on the left.  But do you know the story behind it?

Did you know that the famous depiction of David as crafted by the great Michelangelo is a depiction immediately before his battle with Goliath where David is frozen in time at this moment where he had a choice:  risk greatness in the face of insurmountable odds or shrink into obscurity and relative safety?  The rock in his right hand. The slingshot in his left.

Whatever brings you to this blog if you are a forensic scientist, a defense attorney, a judge or just a curious person, you may be facing this same choice today or later.

Make the same choice as David.  Do the right thing even in the face of seemly insurmountable odds.  The right thing may not be the popular course or the one free of personal peril, but it remains the right thing.

**Modified from William Kunstler**

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