The Importance of Truth in Forensic Science

Everyone has a blog it seems.  Why add a new to the ever increasingly cluttered landscape of the internet.  In other words:  “Why will this blog matter to you?”

The reason I started this blog was simple.  Spreading the good word of good forensic science and spreading the word of “bad” forensic science.  What I mean by “bad” forensic science is really the use of traditional methods that have not been sufficiently studied and verified in such a way that any reasonable credentialed and well-educated scientist would come to the conclusion that some “experts” espouse.

With this blog, we will have guest writers from time-to-time from the scientific and legal field.

Finally, and most importantly, this blog will separate in a clearly delineated manner empirical peer-reviewed facts and theories for editorials and opinions.  All matters that are presented as empirical peer-reviewed facts or theories will be clearly sourced so that it can be checked.  Editorials or opinions will be highlighted in such a way so as to not confuse the two.

So let us begin…

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