The Week 51 Forensic Science Geek of the Week is Announced!

The Forensic Science Geek of the Week

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Forensic Science Geek of the Week

The week 51 “ Forensic Science Geek of the Week” honors goes to: Mehul B. Anjaria

Mehul B. Anjaria, the Week 32 Forensic Science Geek of the WeekThe Week 51 Forensic Science Geek of the Week: Mehul B. Anjaria

According to his website: “MBA DNA Consulting, LLC was founded with the goal of providing a bridge between science and the law. While forensic science is in theory science applied to matters of the law, it may only answer questions posed by one interest. I have come to realize that technical knowledge, skills, and abilities even when coupled with excellent presentation skills, do not make one a good consultant. It is in fact the ability for the scientific consultant to actually adopt the mindset of the attorney and understand the specific pragmatic goals of the consultation… Prior to founding MBA DNA Consulting, LLC I was involved in establishing California’s first ASCLD/LAB-International accredited forensic DNA laboratory. I am also interested in lending my expertise to organizations wishing to establish a DNA laboratory and/or attain ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation.” Among his listed services that he offers includes: DNA case file review, Witnessing of laboratory DNA testing, Expert witness DNA testimony, Assistance with DNA direct/cross-examination questions, Review of expert witness DNA testimony, Pro per DNA assistance and DNA Education/training. His resume is available here: Click here for the CV of Mehul B. Anjaria

Congratulations to our Forensic Science Geek of the Week winner!

See the challenge question that our winner correctly answered.


Forensic Science Geek of the Week Challenge
Forensic Science Geek of the Week Challenge

1. What is this instrument?

2. What is it used for?

3. How is it best calibrated?

Our Geek of the Week answered:

This is an analytical balance.  It is used in laboratories to weigh substances such as drugs or chemicals.  Note that the weighing area is enclosed so that wind drafts do not affect the weighing.  Also it must be on a completely level surface for accurate measurements.

The best way to calibrate this instrument is to have it performed by a firm that is accredited to perform calibrations per ISO guidelines.  The calibration essentially involves using weights that are traceable standards.  The weights of course must be within the range of the balance and include amounts typically weighed on the balance. Typically this calibration is performed at least annually.

The readings are critical in forensic science, since for example, specific quantities of street drugs may result in enhanced sentences.  Also, quantitative analyses depend highly on accurate amounts of input chemicals.

In the present day of ISO accreditation, it is also important to determine what the measurement uncertainty of the device is.  In other words, what is the range that the device may report around a ‘true’ value.

[BLOGGER’S NOTE: Here is our Honorable Mention: Ron Moore, Esquire

This is an analytical balance. It is used to weigh things, like drugs or bullets. It is best calibrated by a professional calibration technician, like the one I used to have on contract to calibrate all the balances in my lab. He would bring a set of NIST traceable weights spanning the usable range of the balance, weight them multiple times on the balance, and give me a certified calibration report for each balance.


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Week 51: Mehul B. Anjaria

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