Week 66 Forensic Science Geek of the Week is Announced

The Forensic Science Geek of the Week

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Forensic Science Geek of the Week

The week 66 “www.TheTruthAboutForensicScience.com Forensic Science Geek of the Week” honors goes to: Jeff Sifers, Esquire

Jeff Sifers, Esquire
Jeff Sifers, Esquire

Jeff Sifers, Esquire is our Geek of the Week

According to his website:

Legal Fields:

  • Oklahoma DUI Defense Law
  • Oklahoma Criminal law

Professional development:


Bachelor of Science in Business Management University of Phoenix, Oklahoma City, OK


Juris Doctor Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma City, OK


Joined the Legal Practice of Charles L. Sifers, P.C. Oklahoma City, OK


Founded The Sifers Law Firm, Oklahoma City, OK


  • Oklahoma Bar Association Member, April 2006 – Present
  • Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association Sustaining Member, April 2006 – Present
  • National College for DUI Defense, General Member, April 2006 – Present

Congratulations to our Forensic Science Geek of the Week winner!


Forensic Science Geek of the Week 66
Forensic Science Geek of the Week 66

1. Who are these two folks?

2. What honor was conferred upon them?

3. Why were they so honored?

Our Geek of the Week answered:

(1)  The Two Men pictured are John B. Fenn and Koichi Tanaka.

(2)  Fenn and Tanaka, in addition to Kurt Wüthrich, were awarded the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work in Mass Spectrometry.

(3)  Fenn and Tanaka created two separate, albeit similar in final result, methods for the ionization of protein marcomolecules into the gaseous phase without losing their structure and form for measurement by conventional mass spectrometers.  Fenn’s method of electrospray ionisation, ESI is the saturation of a protein sample with a highly charged electrical field, while Tanaka’s method of soft laser desorption (SLD) involved the “blasting” of the protein molecule sample with laser pulses.  Each of the methods resulted in the protein molecule taking on energy and causing the covalent bonds of the larger molecule to “release” from each other.  The ions then transitioned into the gaseous phase intact as free hovering, highly charged ions which could be identified and measured by mass spectrometers.  The prize was awarded because of the effect that these methods had in advancing protein research, and its ultimate future effect upon multiple fields such as cancer research and pharmaceutical development.

[BLOGGER’S NOTE: What a great answer. Thank you for participating. Congratulations on being our Geek of the Week.]

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Week 66: Jeff Sifers, Esquire


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