Winner of the Week 32 Forensic Science Geek of the Week!!!

The Forensic Science Geek of the Week

Forensic Science Geek of the Week

The week 32 “ Forensic Science Geek of the Week” honors goes to:


Mehul B. Anjaria, the Week 32 Forensic Science Geek fo the Week
The Week 32 Forensic Science Geek of the Week: Mehul B. Anjaria

According to his website: “MBA DNA Consulting, LLC was founded with the goal of providing a bridge between science and the law. While forensic science is in theory science applied to matters of the law, it may only answer questions posed by one interest. I have come to realize that technical knowledge, skills, and abilities even when coupled with excellent presentation skills, do not make one a good consultant. It is in fact the ability for the scientific consultant to actually adopt the mindset of the attorney and understand the specific pragmatic goals of the consultation… Prior to founding MBA DNA Consulting, LLC I was involved in establishing California’s first ASCLD/LAB-International accredited forensic DNA laboratory. I am also interested in lending my expertise to organizations wishing to establish a DNA laboratory and/or attain ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation.” Among his listed services that he offers includes: DNA case file review, Witnessing of laboratory DNA testing, Expert witness DNA testimony, Assistance with DNA direct/cross-examination questions, Review of expert witness DNA testimony, Pro per DNA assistance and DNA Education/training. His resume is available here: Click here for the CV of Mehul B. Anjaria

Mehul B. Anjaria is Week 32’s Forensic Science Geek of the Week!

Congratulations to our Week 32 winner!

All hail the Forensic Science Geek of the Week!!!

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Our Geek of the Week answered:

This appears to be ‘equipment’ from a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory.  It appears that the reaction is the conversion of pseudoephedrine using the red phosphorous/iodine method.  The tubing, solvents, and containers are used to complete the chemical extraction and purification.  Obvious items in the photo are a hot plate, muriatic acid, pseudoephedrine, Coleman fuel and other solvents,  iodine, salt, a pseudoephedrine extract, a potential reaction ‘flask’ and crude ventilation apparatus.

I don’t see lye obviously present in the picture which would be necessary to perform a basic extraction on what appears to be a reaction mix (reddish material).  Other than that, it appears that the necessary items are there to extract pseudoephedrine, and it appears a conversion reaction flask is present.  Minus the lye, the reaction mix can then be extracted and purified using the solvents present.

To prepare the hydrochloride salt of methamphetamine, salt and muriatic acid are required.  Other items required would be some sort of filter such as a coffee filter. A cleansing solvent such as acetone is preferred to remove the iodine coloration from the salted out meth. To get the final product it would also be necessary to filter and dry the final hydrochloride salt product.

[BLOGGER’S NOTE:  He is absolutely correct. What a great and comprehensive answer! Thank you for participating. Let’s see if you can get the next one.]

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