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Forensic Science Geek of the Week

The Forensic Science Geek of the Week

This week’s “ Forensic Science Geek of the Week” honors goes to:


Stephen Daniels of
Stephen Daniels of

STEPHEN DANIELS is Week 4 and now Week 5’s Forensic Science Geek of the Week!

Congratulations to our winner!  All hail the Forensic Science Geek of the Week!!!

About our winner:

Mission Statement:

Stephen Daniels is the principal of He offers full service consulting to both the defense and the Government in DUI-related maters including testimony about the Intoxilyzer 8000.
DUI undo Consultants, LLC. believes that if you are guilty of driving impaired you should be held accountable for your error in judgment. However, if there is the slightest possibility that you are innocent we will do everything within our power to help you prove your innocence because… Helping innocent people “PROVE” their innocence is our first priority…!!! Please visit his website at

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Our Geek of the Week answered [somewhat edited..]:

Justin, here’s my answers
A.Professor Robert F Borkenstein
B. The Breathalyzer
C. Professor Borkenstein is known for the: Center for Studies of Law in Action at Indiana University. He founded the program in 1958

Bonus: The breathalyzer was the first of the second generation breathalyzers and is the most famous of them all.  It is widely and wrongly believed to be the first EVER breathalyser. It was Professor Borkenstein’s interest in photography that led to the breathalyzer which utilized chemical oxidation and photometry to determine alcohol concentration in a person’s breath. The breathalyzer contained two photo cells, two filters, a device for collecting the breath sample and about six wires, that was about it. The breathalyzer was a significant improvement over early devices and required less skill to operate. The results the Breathalyzer produced were analyzed electrically.
The terms breathalyser™ and breathalyzer™ are trademarked brand names of this device. However, both of these terms have become synonymous with all breath testing devices and machines, regardless of the brand name or type.
Professor Borkenstein also invented a coin operated breathalyser. A reading of 0.4 would display the message “Be a safe driver”. A reading of between 0.5 and 0.9 displayed the message “Be a good walker” (implying that a person had consumed too much alcohol to safely drive and should walk) and a reading of 0.10 or higher displayed the message “You’re a passenger!” (implying that a person had consumed too much alcohol and definitely should NOT drive).

I have blogged several times on the issues surrounding the modern practice of Breath Testing in Blood Alcohol or even Breath Alcohol Content:

The Hall of Fame for the Forensic Science Geek of the Week:
Week 1: Chuck Ramsay, Esquire
Week 2:  Rick McIndoe, PhD
Week 3: Christine Funk, Esquire
Week 4:  Stephen Daniels

Week 5: Stephen Daniels

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