Don’t miss out on the NIST OSAC Boat

If you have followed this blog for a while, you know that forensic science as practiced today is not unlike the Wild Wild West. Here is a post on my thoughts and impressions on the NIST OSAC structure.

Why you should be impressed with the NIST OSAC structure: The taming of the Wild Wild West

The analogy used was that of a ship and NIST as a tugboat.

many positions to fill at the OSAC
There are many positions to fill in the OSAC structure-Graphic from John Paul Jones II (NIST)

Applications will soon be accepted by the NIST OSAC structure. There are over 500 positions available. Here is the structure:

OSAC structure
OSAC structure

Here are the various OSAC subcommittees and Committees:

  • Anthropology Subcommittee
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Subcommittee
  • Controlled Substances Subcommittee
  • Disaster Victim Identification Subcommittee
  • DNA Analysis 2 (Interpretation) Subcommittee
  • DNA Analysis 1 (Methods) Subcommittee
  • Dogs and Sensors Subcommittee
  • Facial Identification Subcommittee
  • Firearms & Toolmarks Subcommittee
  • Fire Debris and Explosives Subcommittee
  • Fire Scene and Explosives Scene Subcommittee
  • Footwear & Tire Tread Subcommittee
  • Friction Ridge Subcommittee
  • Geological Materials Subcommittee
  • Gun Shot Residue Subcommittee
  • Human Factors Committee
  • Imaging Technologies Subcommittee
  • Legal Resource Committee
  • Materials/Trace Subcommittee
  • Medical/Legal Death Investigation Subcommittee
  • Odontology Subcommittee
  • Quality Infrastructure Committee
  • Questioned Documents Subcommittee
  • Scientific Area Committee (SAC) Biology/DNA
  • Scientific Area Committee (SAC) Chemistry/Instrumental Analysis
  • Scientific Area Committee (SAC) Crime Scene/Death Investigation
  • Scientific Area Committee (SAC) IT/Multimedia
  • Scientific Area Committee (SAC) Physics/Pattern
  • Speaker Recognition Subcommittee
  • Toxicology Subcommittee
  • Wildlife Forensics Subcommittee

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