Mass Spectroscopy for Lawyers Part 9: Other topics of interest in GC-MS

In a series of posts, we are going to talk about Mass Spectrometry.

  1. Introduction-The different configurations and the Electron Impact process
  2. What types of mass analyzers are there?
  3. What type of detectors are there?
  4. What types of analysis can be done?
  5. How do you read the output?
  6. How do they come to a qualitative measure using software?
  7. How do they quantitate the results?
  8. Do you need chromatography if you are using Mass Spectrometry?
  9. Other topics of interest about GC-MS

In this post, I would just like to list all of our past posts in both Gas and Liquid Chromatography regardless of the method of sample introduction or method of detection. They are in no particular order. Please enjoy.

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